Surge Protection

Anytime the voltage becomes too high in an electrical circuit, a power surge will result. A surge protector is needed to redirect excess energy away from your electrical devices to keep them from being damaged. We are a leading electrical company providing a full range of surge protection services in Seattle. We install whole house surge protection devices to prevent structural damage to your electrical wiring and keep your plug-in electronics from voltage spikes and electro-static damage. Our surge protection program offers you quality protection to help put your family's safety and comfort first.

What Causes Electrical Power Surges?
There are a number of ways that surges occur. One of the most common is when lightning strikes near a power line causing a drastic voltage spike that results in a power surge leading to the potential damage of electrical components. There is also the more routine and damaging daily surges caused by large home appliances cycling (turning on and off). Although the voltage spikes inside the electrical current may not be apparent to the naked eye, it may lead to the deterioration of your electrical equipment over time. Other reasons include downed power poles, cut power lines, faulty wiring, construction work, etc.

With the expanded use of complex electronics that use significant amounts of energy, having a special surge protection system becomes a definite necessity. You can make a big difference in increasing your home's safety and protecting your electronics and appliances by investing in a whole home surge protection solution. By pushing extra voltage towards the ground, you save a lot from not having to make costly repairs or replace expensive equipment (such as your AC). Our skilled electricians will match the right protection to your needs at an affordable rate.

If you are interested in a surge protection service for your home, don't hesitate to contact us today for more information as well as to get your accurate estimate.