Electrical Repairs

Some of the most troublesome issues any home or business can face today are electrical problems, largely because everything we depend on for our daily tasks and chores, from toasters to computers, will only work when plugged into an electrical outlet. Electrical problems are not only annoying, if allowed to continue, they can become downright dangerous, and can pose the risk of fire and electrocution. It is because of this that, when the lights start flickering, outlets stop working, or you suddenly find yourself feeling your way in the dark, it's time to call the pros.

Some of the most common electrical problems property owners can face are those in which their lights start dimming for no apparent reason. This problem is often described as lights "acting strangely" and includes lamps and fixtures suddenly lowering their intensity either intermittently or permanently. This usually happens when large appliances, such as the refrigerator or washer, get turned on, and it can point to a wiring or capacity problem.

Some other issues include abnormal behavior in appliances, electrical outlets that seem to work sporadically, random power glitches, blowing fuses, frequently tripping breakers, the inability to maintain several appliances working at once without losing power, and others. If you are facing these issues, it becomes necessary to find the source of the problem so as not to run into a dangerous situation.

When troubleshooting electrical problems, the most important step is to observe the issue itself. Does it happen at a certain time? Are you running the same appliances each time it happens? Is the problem confined to a specific area or is it general? The answers to these questions could lead to an overloaded circuit or outlet, or even point in the direction of a more complicated problem. In some cases, the use of a voltage meter, circuit tester and tracing can become necessary.

Electrical troubleshooting and repairs are not something that should be ignored and it's always a good idea to call the professionals to not only fix the issue, but find the source and ensure it doesn't become a repetitive problem. So, when you find your lights are starting to act funny, give us a call and we will be happy to help.