Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical safety is vital and is carried out to ensure the safety of you and other people. Every building should be thoroughly inspected periodically to ensure it is in a perfect condition. These inspections are recommended every five years, but when it comes to commercial buildings, they might require more frequent inspection. Once the testing has been carried out, the client is given a report about the condition of the building. The report is critical for many reasons which include;

  • As an employer, you are held responsible for anything that happens within the commercial environment it is your duty to look after your employees and your building.
  • It is a legal requirement to ensure that your electrical installation is in good shape to prevent any dangers from happening.
  • The report provides evidence that the inspection and testing were carried out.
  • If the premise is new, the report confirms that installation within the property is safe
  • Most insurance companies will insist on seeing the reports in case a tragedy happens in the building

What are the services?

Regular safety inspection is a must for every building especially if you are using the building for the first time. It will help you identify many problems like outdated electrical panels or ungrounded wires before damage is done. It also helps you save money since any potential damages to your electrical system are minimized thus reducing the cost of repair. Commercial electrical safety inspection involves various services. This is meant to reduce any electrical disruption in the building.

How it is done

The electrician walks in every room and gets a visual idea of the power installation. The technicians carry out detailed tests like socks light fittings and the distribution and any other electrical outlet in the building. This process will only take a short time to avoid work disruption in case there is business going on in the building. After completion, a detailed report is made containing any damages or defects found.

Ensure the safety of the people around you and protect your business by contacting us today and let us do a comprehensive testing and inspection in your building at an affordable cost.