Electrical Inspection

When you're buying a new home, remodeling an older home, or applying for a new or refinanced mortgage, electrical inspections are a vital part of the process. In the United States each year, electrical fires account for approximately 51,000 fires, resulting in nearly 500 deaths and $1.3 billion in damages. Routine home electrical inspections could very well save the life of you or your loved ones and prevent the loss of irreplaceable valuable keepsakes.

Our team of qualified licensed electricians are trained to look for potential problems in aluminum wiring, unsafe electrical service panels, grounding issues and missing GFCI protections. We go beyond a regular home inspection and thoroughly inspect everything from wiring and devices to overall home electrical systems in order to identify potential electrical problems that could result in devastating loss of life or property. We follow all electrical codes specified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and ensure your home meets those standards both inside and out.

Our exterior inspection includes checking for exposed wiring or any grounding issues. We'll check your main circuit box and ensure all wires are connected properly and marked correctly, as well as being secured to your house safely. We will determine if and ensure that all outdoor outlets are certified GFCI, which provides much greater protection from electrical shock than a standard outlet.

Our interior inspection of your home will include checking for proper function, polarity and tightness of all outlets and switches as well as making sure certified GFCIs are installed in all areas where water could be present. We will inspect all bulb wattages and make corrections where they are needed, and ensure proper operation of all telephone, network and cable jacks. Faulty wiring, whether inside or outside of your home, are main culprits of home fires, and our certified electricians will carefully check all wiring for potential risk factors.

Electrical systems are delicate and potentially dangerous, not recommended as a DIY project. Our trained electricians are skilled professionals with the knowledge and understanding of all applicable codes and regulations. Your home is your biggest investment, your family's safety is priceless. Put your trust in our team of electricians to thoroughly inspect your biggest investment, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing your home and your family is safe.