Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your home's electric panels is a gray box that is located in your garage, hallway, or basement. Filled with several category switches called breakers, flipping these will cause a temporary power outage until they are re-engaged. If these switches are flipped or tripped frequently, it can mean that your electrical panel may not be able to handle the amperage, creating a potentially unsafe scenario for homeowners. If you notice frequent tripping, unexplained outages, and erratic performance, then it is best to contact your local technician for an inspection.

What Signs Should I look For?

Your electrical panels were adequate when subjugated with the electrical needs of the past. However, the modern home uses a lot more electricity. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the modern home uses about 11,000-kilowatt hours per day, about 900 kilowatt-hours a month. Energy-zapping televisions, space heating devices, and just the sheer number of devices contribute to that figure. The electrical panel sometimes struggles to keep up. Usually, these types of setups need to be completely replaced to accommodate electrical use.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

The biggest reason to update your panels is due to safety. The main benefit of an upgrade is that your home will be protected from potential fire hazard due to overloaded circuits. You can sleep well, knowing that you did your best to ensure that your home and family are safe. An updated panel and electrical system can also add to your home's resale value.

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