Outdoor Lighting

With proper positioning, your outdoor lights can highlight your home's architectural features, creating an enchanting ambiance after sundown. We specialize in installation, repair and maintenance services for your varied outdoor lighting needs in Seattle and surrounding areas.

Landscape Lighting
Our professional lighting experts will enhance your shrubs, sidewalks, gardens, entryways and other special features with excellent landscape lighting solutions. We will arrive at your premises to discuss the available options and develop a customized lighting plan that works best for your landscape design and layout.

Security Lighting
When you're considering an outdoor security lighting for your home, brightness and motion sensors are two characteristics to consider. Our qualified electricians are ready to help you choose an outdoor security lighting solution that is going to provide you with a feeling of safety and comfort.

Pool Lighting
Whether you are out to make your pool feel more safe, appealing or functional, you can trust our expert technicians to find a lighting system that is just right. We can install a variety of pool lights in the safest manner possible, so no matter the type of pool lighting you decide on, we can handle it.

LED Retrofit Lighting
As a full-service lighting company, we deliver the very best in quality installation in LED lighting retrofitting services. With our customized, turn-key LED Retrofit program, you can easily reduce your energy consumption with no effect on your day to day operations.

Lighting Installation
We have the skills and equipment to install top quality lighting systems at a great value. We can help you choose the lighting products and placement from small fixtures to giant chandeliers to help you meet your needs and budget.

Low Voltage Lighting
Our low voltage lighting systems are appealing, energy efficient and provide safety in your Seattle home. We will advise on how to incorporate low volt lights into your home's interior and exterior lighting design to save money on your electrical bills.

Enhance your home, garden or any outdoor space with our beautiful lighting solutions. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our experienced lighting designers.